Romantic Spanish Phrases

Feel The Heat Of Latin Love With These Romantic Spanish Phrases

The Spanish and Hispanic people are noted for being intensely passionate lovers and being romantic is important to win hearts in the game of love. In this article, you're going to discover several vibrant romantic Spanish words and phrases that will give you an idea of how brilliantly vivid and inventive Spanish can be that are so simple to sprinkle into your vocabulary.

Bueno, before you can feel love you have to get together with someone. ¿Es obvio, verdad? The Spanish say:

Echarse un/a novio/a - To get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Once you've found them you can choose to either have a fun relationship called: un ligue, or a more serious relationship - una historia, also referred to as: una relación. Confusingly, if you're having "un ligue" your partner is also referred to as "un ligue"!

To ask someone out, here is a Spanish phrase that is used the most often all around the Hispanic world:

¿Qué tal si damos una vuelta? - How about we go for a walk/ride?

Such a simple phrase and with any luck, it will win you a new partner! Let's help you to learn how to speak Spanish so you can woo them further with a few nice romantic phrases commonly used between sweethearts. Give these a try:

Amor, mi amor, amor de mi vida, amorcito - Love, my love, love of my life, little love.

Cariño, mi cariño - Caress, my caress.

Mi principe azul/Mi princesea - My Prince charming/My Princess.

Luz de mi vida - Light of my life.

Mi media naranja - My half an orange, i.e. your better half.

Each of those phrases are really sweet ways to romance your lover, all are used often in the Hispanic world.

Pick-up lines are called: piropos in Spanish, so to bring this article to an end, we'll have two of my favorite Spanish romantic phrases that are piropos. There must be thousands of piropos, ranging from the highly-amusing, the romantically poetic and the sexually suggestive, to the cringe-inducing! Here's a favorite piropo of mine I'll use more than any other as it always wins me a smile if nothing else!

¡Qué bombón - y yo con diabetes! - What candy and I've got diabetes!
And a piropo for the ladies that I have no doubt will become one of most romantic Spanish phrases they'll use often:

Eres mi príncipe y siempre lo serás, y yo tú princesa hasta la eternidad - You are my Prince and you always will be and I your Princess until eternity.

Then again...!

All of the above romantic Spanish phrases make learning to speak Spanish a little bit more realistic and fun too! And if you add them into your growing streetwise vocabulary, they'll earn you respect and admiration, and possibly a little bit more...!